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I am a software developer at gocept in Halle (Saale). To develop software I mainly use Python, Zope, ZTK and Pyramid.

Run tests using layers with py.test

TL;DR Use gocept.pytestlayer. Long Story We have many test suites which use test layers (e. g. the ones from plone.testing). We want to use py.test and all its fancy features to have a modern test runner. There was no way to … Continue reading

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Running tests using gocept.selenium on Travis-CI

Travis-CI is a free hosted continuous integration platform for the open source community. It has a good integration with Github, so each push to a project runs the tests  of the project. gocept.selenium is a python package our company has developed as a … Continue reading

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yafowil in a Pyramid project

In a new Pyramid project we used deform to render forms. We did not really like it. (The reasons might be detailed in another post.) To see if other form libraries do better I gave yafowil a try at our gocept Developer Punsch 3: yafowil comes … Continue reading

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Custom widgets in zope.formlib

zope.formlib has the ability to customize the used widget like this: class KeywordsManagementForm(five.formlib.formbase.SubPageForm): form_fields = zope.formlib.form.Fields(IKeywords) form_fields[‘keywords’].custom_widget = KWSelectWidgetFactory I do not like this approach for two reasons: the widget has to be set manually every time the specific field is used … Continue reading

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