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Einladung zu Un(konferenz|camp|meetup) und BBQ am 29.6.2012

(We are addressing a local audience near our offices so we are keeping this post in German. Sorry. Basically we want developers and admins in our area to meet up, exchange ideas, and enjoy BBQ and beer.) <tldr>Wir wollen uns … Continue reading

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Sprint report: Deploying Python web applications – platforms and applications

Last week I met Stephan Diehl, Michael Hierweck, Veit Schiele, and Jens Vagelpohl in Berlin for a sprint. Our chosen topic was “Python web application deployment”. In this post I’d like to recap our discussions, gocept’s perspective on those, and the deployment … Continue reading

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Don’t stop PostgreSQL’s autovacuum with your application

The problem Some weeks ago, we received a complaint from a customer about bad PostgreSQL performance for a specific application. I took a look into the database and found strange things going on: the query planner was executing “interesting” query … Continue reading

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Custom widgets in zope.formlib

zope.formlib has the ability to customize the used widget like this: class KeywordsManagementForm(five.formlib.formbase.SubPageForm): form_fields = zope.formlib.form.Fields(IKeywords) form_fields[‘keywords’].custom_widget = KWSelectWidgetFactory I do not like this approach for two reasons: the widget has to be set manually every time the specific field is used … Continue reading

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