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Overcoming Self-organization Blocks in Agile Teams

At the SQD2013 conference Andrea Provaglio (@andreaprovaglio) talked about the social aspects of software development. He says, software development is intangible, collaborative and heuristic while our education prepares us for linear, standardized and predictable processes. (Software development) teams are systems. … Continue reading

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Software Quality Days 2013

SQD took place in Vienna from January 15 to 17 2013. My first impressions where: Scrum is everywhere and open source does not play a major role. Most people I have met came from rather large organizations. They mostly face … Continue reading

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Get a zc.sourcefactory to implement an interface

zc.sourcefactory is very handy to easily create a source (zope.schema.interfaces.IIterableSource to be precise) with corresponding titles and tokens for its contents. Every now and then a source requires an explicit interface. For zc.sourcefactory the following code snippet helps: class IMySource(zope.schema.interfaces.IIterableSource): … Continue reading

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