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Wolfgang is a software developer working at gocept.

Viewing scales metrics from Pyramid

We’ve recently started experimenting with the excellent scales library to collect in-process metrics (see Coda Hale’s CodeConf talk “Metrics everywhere” among many others for reasons why one definitely wants to do that). Scales comes with a flask-based HTTP server that … Continue reading

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developer & admin BBQ IV

Our fourth BBQ (invitation post) had the most participants so far, almost 20 people were here to talk shop, exchange ideas and brave the unfortunately slightly rainy weather (the grilled goods were delicious regardless). We’re especially glad that the ratio … Continue reading

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Upcoming talks at PyCon DE 2012

Most of gocept is headed towards the German PyCon next week! We’re excited and look forward to meeting people, exchanging ideas and learning new things. We have prepared several talks to share some of the experiences we gained over the … Continue reading

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Autumn Developer BBQ

Our second meet/talk/barbecue event was last week, and we think it was even better than the first one. In the unconference part, these were the topics we talked about: Demo of batou, the deployment tool Django Sentry: centralized error-logging DRBD … Continue reading

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Our first developer BBQ

We invited developers and sysadmins to join us for talking shop and barbecuing last Friday. Even though several people had signed up and said they wanted to come, at first none of the guests seemed to arrive. But after an hour … Continue reading

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Profiling class-based views

Just a quick note for profiling e.g. Zope views: class MyView(object):     def __call__(self):         result = {}         cProfile.runctx(‘result[“x”] = super(Body, self).__call__()’,                         globals(), locals(), ‘/tmp/viewprofile’)         return result[‘x’] Even though “exec ‘result = super(…) in globals(), locals()’ works, … Continue reading

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Sprint fruits: gocept.exttest and gocept.package

The whole company spent three days in Kloster Drübeck sprinting on internal tools and topics. We overhauled our workflow for generating invoices and identified steps that we could automate. We polished and released gocept.exttest, which integrates for example JavaScript unittest … Continue reading

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