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Notizen aus dem Norden

Heute neigt sich unser diesjähriger Sprint dem Ende. Am Dienstag sind wir gen Norden auf die Insel Rügen gefahren, um uns für 3 Tage intensiv darüber zu unterhalten, wie wir in Zukunft Software entwickeln wollen. Der Fokus lag dabei auf … Continue reading

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Adding round corners to boxes using CSS and JavaScript

Curvycorners has a way to make gorgeous roundings to your boxes without having to split each box into pieces of background images. You simply need to include one JavaScript file and add two lines of CSS code to your box (or … Continue reading

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Localized dates with Zope 2 and Zope 3

Imagine, you want to display a date in a nicer way than just 2009-11-17. It’s not that difficult to localize it into e.g. German and output 17.11.2009. But what, if you need to display Mittwoch, 11.November 2009 instead? Calling strftime(‘%A, %d.%B %Y’) … Continue reading

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