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#monitoringlove sprint takeaway

A few weeks ago I co-organised and participated in a #monitoringlove sprint in Berlin. My personal plan was to play with more modern utilities that can potentially replace our existing Nagios monitoring chain. The result of what I think would … Continue reading

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PyCon 2013 report

PyCon 2013 was an excellent conference bringing together Python’s vast, diverse, and technically excellent community. I had the opportunity to visit the whole conference including the sprint days. Magnitude The size of the community seems well reflected by the number … Continue reading

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How we organize large-scale roll-outs

In the coming week we will deploy an extensive OS update to our production environment which (right now) currently consists of 41 physical hosts running 195 virtual machines. Updates like this are prepared very carefully in many small steps using … Continue reading

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Happy new year – cleaning up the server room!

Welcome to 2013! Alex and I are using this time of the year when most of our colleagues are still on holidays to perform maintenance on our office infrastructure. To prepare for all the goodness we have planned for the … Continue reading

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Introducing the “Flying Circus”

We have been busy in the last months to improve the presentation of our hosting and operations services a lot – and if you attended the Plone Conference in Arnhem, you may have noticed some bits and pieces already: T-Shirts, … Continue reading

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Surprising experience with DELL support

Background: we had terrible support experiences with DELL over the last 4-5 years or so and I just had a single really good one today. We started moving slowly to a different vendor and won’t change our decision because of … Continue reading

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Einladung zu Un(konferenz|camp|meetup) und BBQ am 29.6.2012

(We are addressing a local audience near our offices so we are keeping this post in German. Sorry. Basically we want developers and admins in our area to meet up, exchange ideas, and enjoy BBQ and beer.) <tldr>Wir wollen uns … Continue reading

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Sprint report: Deploying Python web applications – platforms and applications

Last week I met Stephan Diehl, Michael Hierweck, Veit Schiele, and Jens Vagelpohl in Berlin for a sprint. Our chosen topic was “Python web application deployment”. In this post I’d like to recap our discussions, gocept’s perspective on those, and the deployment … Continue reading

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Python Barcamp Cologne

The Python BarCamp Cologne 2012 happened last weekend. It was well organized by Reimar Bauer and the Cyrus office space is just very well suited for this kind of event: lots of space, rooms, equipment, drinks, … The proceedings of … Continue reading

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rrdtool restore and merge from backup

We recently had an issue with our backup server which was also running Nagios including pnp4nagios to gather performance data. We quickly started to deploy a new Nagios server which started gathering statistics again right away. After pulling the historical … Continue reading

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