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Christian is a systems administrator working with gocept.

Improving HTTP security at the Flying Circus

We now know that the secret services employ extended eavesdropping techniques to scan and analyze nearly all Internet traffic. This worries us since we want to keep our customers’ data confidential. We get a lot of questions about how secure … Continue reading

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Reliable file updates with Python

Programs need to update files. Although most programmers know that unexpected things can happen while performing I/O, I often see code that has been written in a surprisingly naïve way. In this article, I would like to share some insights … Continue reading

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Python 2 and 3 compatible builds with zc.buildout

Creating a single-source build environment with zc.buildout that works for both Python 2 and 3 is a bit of a hassle. This blog post shows how to do it for a minimal demo project. During the sprints at PyCon DE … Continue reading

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Don’t stop PostgreSQL’s autovacuum with your application

The problem Some weeks ago, we received a complaint from a customer about bad PostgreSQL performance for a specific application. I took a look into the database and found strange things going on: the query planner was executing “interesting” query … Continue reading

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gocept talks at PyCon DE

No blog post for quite a while… part of the reason is that we gocept developers were busy preparing talks for PyCon DE 2011. As result, we presented an impressive number of 7 talks/tutorials at this lovely conference. Curious? Here … Continue reading

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No luck with glusterfs

Recently, we’ve been experimenting with glusterfs as an alternative network storage backing our VM hosting. It looked like a very promising candidate to replace our current iSCSI stack: scale-out with decent performance, mostly self-configuring, self-replicating, self-healing. And all of this … Continue reading

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